Flavor Innovation & Sensory

Flavor Academy by Food Innopolis was founded in 2017 with the cooperation of Chulalongkorn University, Kasetsart University, Chiang Mai University, Naresuan University, Mahidol University, Prince of Songkhla University and private sector agencies to promote, support and steer the Thai flavorings and fragrances industry to grow and generate more earnings in the future.

With the following objectives:

1. To develop personnel with expertise and technology to work with flavoring and fragrance products

2. To strengthen Thailand‘s capabilities and academic services in the field of flavor and fragrance analysis

3. To support research into the application of flavorings and fragrances in more products in the Thai food industry

Services of the Flavor Innovation Hub Platform

Educational activities about flavorings and fragrances
  • Seminars
  • Workshops at basic, advanced and applied level
  • Training
Testing, analysis and consultation services
  • Analysis of aromatic substances and undesirable volatile organic compounds using high-tech analytical tools
  • Providing consultation by experts with experience in flavorings to help develop products or help solve problems in the production process
Joint projects with private sector and public sector organizations
  • Research contracts

Gallery Flavor Innovation & Sensory

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